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[Bahasa Indonesia]

As usual I have this ‘belief’ that anything that happens to me, or passes by me, twice carries a message for me personally.

This week’s word is: kindness.

That’s all I can say right now. Kindness. I am still digesting what this message might mean.

Another day at the office

[Bahasa Indonesia]

It was not my best day yesterday at the office. Too many people missing too many deadlines. And some who did meet the deadline, submitted less than ideal quality of work.

There was even one point when I got a bit speechless. (me? speechless?). Instead of asking my favorite series of “why” questions, the only statement that came out of my mouth was “Oh for God’s sake.” Me stop asking questions, I supposed that is when you (and I) need to start worrying.

Time for a coffee break.

post script: The best moment yesterday was as I was leaving the office, that entertaining receptionist of mine was making her usual (or unusual) gesture of saying goodbye with her usual wide (a bit on a naughty side) smile. She probably did not realize how that has ended my day at the office on a high note.

The bestest moment however was when I went to my sis’s new house last night after work and hanged around with my family. The most loving and lovable weird bunch of people. And always with good food.

How do you treat a person?

[Bahasa Indonesia]

How you talk about a person when that person is around is important.
How you talk about a person when that person is not around is more important.

How you treat your friends is important.
How you treat your enemies is more important.
(not to mention interesting).

Because that is what defines your characters.

Whatever you say about a person, you should be able to say the same thing to that person directly. If not, then consider yourself out of line.

Don’t say it is difficult to change. Don’t give me the excuse that “it’s human nature”. It’s a matter of practice. A matter of habit.

Arfan Pradiansyah. Trijaya FM. Earlier today.

PS: Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny.–Tryon Edwards

Persona: Mbak Lina

[Bahasa Indonesia]

I love meeting inspiring people. I met one when last week: Mbak Lina my yoga instructor from Balance Yoga, Yogyakarta. She came across very humble, just like any rather young Javanese mother. But this impression quickly grew stronger as I was listening to her stories.

I shall just share one story with you. Her child has downsyndrome. She did not give up though. She kept her positiveness and went here and there to help her child grow.

The child did grow into a marvelous kid. But Mbak Lina did not stop there. She established a foundation to help other families with downsyndrome children.

She rightly put it that in cases like this, the key is the mother. It is the mother who will break or make the child. (Salute to all mothers, hugs and kisses to mine).

I told my friend about Mbak Lina. I told her that what crossed my mind was the fact, the realization, that I am nothing, still a long way to go, compared to Mbak Lina. My friend’s response was that she often felt that way with just about anybody. Slap Slap to me.


[Bahasa Indonesia]

I have this belief (or superstition) that if something happens or is spoken to me twice, especially when one occurrence happens right after the other, then it is a message to me, it is something I need to think of.

This week, it was the topic of pure silence. The inner silence.

On Thursday night, I was listening to a radio talk show that happened to discuss this inner silence. Then there was another conversation with my friends last night which brought up more or less the same topic.

Anyone who read my blog or know me would know that I am into spirituality, whatever the word may mean to you. So the topic of silence is nothing new, theoriticaly speaking. Practically speaking, my life has been, and is still, full of hustle and bustle.

I sent a question through the sms to the radio station. It came late in the hour, so they just rushed through reading it. The only respond that I had from the speaker was “that’s technical.”.

It was a perfect response. Probably I have been too hung up with technicallities, when I should have just let me be. In complete silence.

Then off I went to search the word “silence” in google and wikipedia. Looks like I have a long way to go.

A yoga weekend retreat at Losari

I went to Losari Coffee Plantation last weekend for a Yoga Weekend retreat arranged by Yogya-based Balance Yoga.

Wow. That was the first word that came out of my mouth when I first got there. Followed by a long sigh. Second word: HUNGRY. It was about 3pm and I had not had my lunch. And you know how I feel (and behave) during late lunch.

But then things just got better. This neat resort surrounded by eight volcanoes is just a perfect weekend getaway. In three phrases: great view, great activities, great friends.

Great view – imagine this: hectares and hectares of green spaces made of gardens and coffee plantation, ethnic village-type houses, blue clear swimming pool, with a view of eight volcanoes. All well maintained yet not over the top manicured. Enough said.

Great activities – The yoga sessions were great. But I have to admit the MASSAGE is better ☺. Chat with friends were great. The best thing to do, sometimes though, is NOTHING. Just sit there, breathe. Let nature exhibit its best entertainment.

Great friends – that open up, that just let me be how I want to be, that listen, talk and laugh together, and that share the same dream: how about making a spiritual healing center that embrace everybody and anybody (or in Anne Marie’s term: a spiritual supermarket).

I will hand over the floor to the pictures to describe the experience better.

Again. Wow. Followed by a long sigh.