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everyday heroes

I have decided to add a new page in this blog of mine, as a tribute to people from all walks of life who dedicate (some of) their time to help others and to the betterment of society. The list is still scarce, but I am working on it.

They have started doing something. Hope you are next on the line.

Coin A Chance!

coinbanner125x1251Started in Jakarta, Coin A Chance! is a social movement originated by two friends Hanny and Nia. It invites all friends and foe to collect their coins and ‘exchange’ it with opportunities for needy children to go to school.

You can learn more about them by visiting their website in

Daya Dimensi’s Employee Program

An Indonesian human resources consultancy Daya Dimensi Indonesia offers five million per month for a group of employees—each month different group—to conduct any social activities of their choice. Some groups take orphans for a fun day out, some help improve local children libraries, etc. Simple initiatives, real impacts—for those who are helped, and for the employees as well. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Gantina’s edu program

A dear friend of mine, Gantina, organizes a group of friend to help ensure needy children around her neighborhood enjoy their education. Unfortunately, the only online info about her program is here. Let me know if you want to know more of it.

Yayasan Alang-Alang

🙂 I have just realized how I love education programs. Here’s another one from a friend, Melati. She has formed a foundation Yayasan Alang-Alang to set up places where children can learn and play, and read in a simple library. The education may take place in a dedicated center, somebody’s house, mosque, etc. I have written about her here, here and here.

would you recommend it?

[Bahasa Indonesia]

I have spent this past month meeting friends and colleagues. Almost all, naturally, asked me about my experience of six months being in Chisholme for a Beshara‘s intensive course in esoteric education. To those who asked, I shared my experience gladly. Whatever questions may arise.

Top of the hill, Chisholme, Scotland.One question stopped me just the other day: “Would you recommend this course to your friends?” Very good question. I smiled and responded, “I would not go around proactively telling everybody to take this course. It is a calling. It needs to come from within.”

Everyone’s journey is personal and private. I hope I am not a person who would force her way to anyone. Nor do I hope that I would hamper anyone from walking his or her journey.

The only recommendation that came to mind was the kind advise my supervisor told us when we were facing tough times: “Hold on fast to the rope of God in collectivity and don’t let yourselves fall apart.” Believe only Him.

Listen to your heart, what has it been saying to you?

pure medium

[Bahasa Indonesia]

I had a short discussion the other day with a friend. She asked why certain people kept helping her to find her ways. They showed her the next steps to take. I guessed those people were being a medium—from Him, for her. They are there to show us something about ourselves.

The question is how to be that (pure) medium and to let whatever has to flow through you actually does flow through you. Say a person comes to me. She (let’s say it is a she) is confused about whether to do A or B. Something pops in my mind. It says: B.

Should I tell her that it is B? How do I know whether it is just my ego talking? How do I know whether it is better for her to decide and for me not to say anything? Perhaps that B in my mind was a real message for my friend and that I should tell her just that and nothing else.

I shared this discussion with another friend. Her response was just brilliant: “You are thinking. Stop thinking. Just do. Just be.”

She was absolutely right. Stop thinking. Just do. Just be.

Have a safe travel in your next journey, my friend. Indeed, everyone is a teacher to others.

Job op: Comms advisor @ OCSP

The Orangutan Conservation Services Program (OCSP)–a project managed by DAI–is looking to hire a Communications Advisor. The Jakarta-based advisor will work closely with the OCSP Communications and Outreach Coordinator to provide greater support and a stronger constituency for orangutan conservation by developing messages, using the most appropriate media.

These messages will be tailored to increase understanding among individuals in government institutions, conservation organizations, communities and the private sector, of support needed to conserve Orangutan and create behavioral changes in people and companies who directly threaten the conservation status of orangutan, especially land developers, loggers and local communities.

For more info on the job op, click here. If you are accessing this note from Facebook and cannot click it, do visit the original blog:

Interested? Send your CV to

A word of advise, only email them when you think you are up for the job. Honestly, this is a kind advise. Let’s respect other people’s time, and yours.

a friendly reminder

[Bahasa Indonesia]
PrayerWhat a way to end the day, with two meetings with two different groups of dear friends.

Groups of friends who remind me of Him, of me—the best groups there are.

First, I attended a house warming celebration.

My friend came from a Christian tradition and the family did the mass procession (Am I using the correct term?) I followed and listened intently.

Your loyalty, My Lord, touched my heart, every morning it becomes clearer (PKJ 138:1,3).

Every morning, it becomes clearer. It reminded me, looking back, of how clear they were. It reminded me of a scene from Paulo Coelho’s Veronica Decides to Die, where [spoiler warning] it turns out that Veronica was not sick. She just thought she was. Hence, whenever she woke up, she thought everyday was a miracle. It was a miracle for her to be alive.

I truly know that You are holding me tight (NKB 128,: 1, 4).

He does. I just don’t remember. I often forget that He is here, however close He is. The clouds in my eyes often keep me from seeing this. Or is it denial that I am feeling?

There are so many things that You have done, Oh Lord, Your miracles and Your intent for me. Nothing is equal with You.

I want to spread the words, but there are just too many things that I have lost count (Mazmur, 40:6).

So many things. So many. Where should I start?

From here. From now. From now on. To respond to God’s love by being humble before Him. By accepting ourselves as God has accepted us.

By believing–if not knowing–that God always has a beautiful plan for us: for us to become blessings and love for the whole world. To worship Him. To be inclined to Him. To remember.

By end of the mass, I thought, what a way to end this day. Little that I knew that the day has not ended yet. I went to see another group of dear friends.

We talked about how we fill our lives with things that we love, almost like things that we are destined to do or to be. To be ourselves. To accept ourselves, and make the best of what or who we are. And having fun while we are at it. Sorry to be so cryptic.

Similar messages. Same day. What a strong message for me. What a day.

Thank you. Thank You.

“Friendship request ignored”

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I was going through all the requests in my Facebook. Occasionally I bumped into a friend request from somebody whom I did not know. As I was determined to limit my friend list to familiar faces/names, I clicked “decline” or “ignore”.

Then Facebook responded: “Friendship request ignored.”

A stroke of sadness brushed through my heart. Have I really done that? Have I really ignored somebody’s friendship offer?

This brief thought, however, has not changed my mind. I still accept only familiar faces or names. Stubborn me. Perhaps tomorrow I shall change my mind. Then again, perhaps not.


[Bahasa Indonesia]

“Eva is changing gear. Cruise mode ON.”

That was the status I put on my Facebook page last Friday. It was a true statement to how I felt. Last week felt so fast to me. My days went from morning to late at night. On Friday night, I felt exhausted.

So on Saturday, I decided to slow down (a bit). I spent Saturday morning reading books. Tao Te Ching. Ibn Arabi’s Kernel of the Kernel. Hafiz’s the Gift. I realized how much I missed reading those books. I closed the books smiling, tearfully.

Okay, I thought, let’s breathe and listened. The cruising mode is still on. I continued to listen throughout the weekend, when I sat with my family, when I had coffee with friends, and when I watched TV shows.

The weekend has invited me to live for the moment and live it to the max. Enjoy life to the fullest. I have said that over and over again in the past to a lot of my friends. Perhaps I should say that more often to myself.

It reminded to revisit my intention(s). Why was I doing what I was doing the way I was doing it? When I said I was doing such and such for the other persons’ own good, was I really doing it for them or for my very own self-interest? Was there a better way of doing it? Do allow me to keep the answers to myself.

It reminded me of the true service principle where the only focus of the deed is the object(s) served. I had brilliant examples from some of the friends that I met during the weekend and from my beloved mother, sister, and brother.

On my way home on Sunday night, I turned on my CD player and a tune from Seal embraced me. “…Yesterday it dawned to me. I thought I was slipping away…” I broke down.

Perhaps something inside me felt that I was doing just that. I was slipping away. I have been diverting. It is high time to center myself, to be still, and to provide a true service.

I supposed Hafiz was right when he said that “No One /In need of love/ Can Sit with my verse for an hour/And then walk away without carrying golden tools./ and feeling that God just came near.”

Indeed. Thank you. Thank You.

Can’t wait for July. When I will, God willing, be sitting with friends for days discussing these topics and these writings.

Iqra’ – read!

[Bahasa Indonesia]
iqra“Iqra’ bismi rabbika lladzi khalaqa — Read, in the name of thy Sustainer, who has created.” (Al Qur’an – 96:1)

I have heard this several times.

People use this verse whenever they remind themselves or others that we need to read (properly before commenting on things).

The last time I heard that verse being used, it stuck with me.

Read. It emphasizes how important it is to read and to learn.

Read. You read something that is written down, i.e. all knowledge that is recorded by means of writing.

Muhammad Asad in his commentary in The Message of the Qur’an said that the verse emphasizes “man’s unique ability to transmit, by means of written records, his thoughts, experiences and insights from individual to individual, from generation to generation, and from one cultural environment to another endows all human knowledge with a cumulative character.”

Asad continued to say “since every human being partakes in mankind’s continuous accumulation of knowledge, man is spoken of as being taught by God things which the single individual does not—or cannot—know by himself. “

That is so true. Books have been very good friends of mine in this journey. I personally think this also means that we learn from one another.

Read. You read situations. You pay attention to what is around you and within. You learn from that. You read to understand. And in this life, you read to receive and understand God’s message to man (referring to a Hadits by Bukhari).

Recently I have just noticed another thing from this verse. The verse did not just say “read”. It says “read in the name of thy Sustainer who has created”.

“In the name of thy Sustainer”—I think this statement makes all the difference. It sets the tone to our reading. It sets our intention.

Note: whenever I say “you”, I mean “we”, I mean “I”.

Pic taken from here.