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[Article] What makes a man

First published on The Jakarta Post Weekender, January 2012 issue

When a friend asked me what I intended to write in this article about “blokes”, and I explained the basic concept, her response was: “Oh, you mean the good side of men.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at her sarcastic tone.

Surely they’re not all that bad. In my mind, I ran through a list of the men around me who – in my humble opinion – have given their team a great name, that is, from the point of view of the opposite sex.
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The forty rules of the religion of love

[Bahasa Indonesia]

Taken from a beautiful novel by Elif Shafak titled The forty rules of love.

There are so many gems in the book, the only way to learn them is to read the book. I am merely writing the most obvious ones.

So here they are, the forty rules of the religion of love, as stated by Shams of Tabriz in the book.

Happy new year, love.
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