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“But that’s how I understand religion..”

Some people shiver just by the mention of the word ‘religion’, or ‘god’ for that matter. They want nothing to do with those stuff. I was looking at this the other day and found it very interesting. Do they really not subscribe to any religion at all? Is that even possible?

Sometimes I have chats with the very same people. We talk about how we view life, how we think we need to be and how to conduct ourselves, what our roles in life, what feels right to the heart, what we do to connect to our true self, etc. Then I thought, “but that’s how I understand religion to be.”

It’s funny how our relationship with words shift from time to time, us as individuals and us as society. The word ‘religion’ and ‘god’ are but examples of this shift. Continue reading

“Aku di sini untukmu”

Lagu itu melantun. Seiring lintasan pikir dan rasa. Terbayang olehku, kau.

Melayang kau cari-cari arti
Yang pasti tak kan kautemui
Tak perlu kau nilai-nilai semua
Biarlah semua adanya

Kadang aku ingin tahu, kenapa sampai ada kau dan aku? Atau tepatnya, kenapa sih perlu ada kau di dalam hidupku? Kenapa mesti ada aku dalam hidupmu? Kenapa jalan kita harus beririsan dan bahkan untuk beberapa jenak berdampingan?

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Life can be so creative in its dynamics. Sudden turns of event can be surprising, to say the least. They catch us off guard. They left me dumbfounded recently. I really didn’t know what to do or how to respond.

Some friends responded with decisions. Others responded with talk among themselves. I simply didn’t know how to respond. At that time, I only sensed what I felt. I felt some sadness, surprised, confused, and somewhat angry. I felt emotional. Continue reading

We start with optimism: An #akber2anniv after-thought (1)

I was reading my notes from #akber2anniv over and over again. There are so many gems from the class that I thought hard how to write this note, or even where to start.

Then I thought, what was the underlining theme for me throughout the event. And for me, it is the positive, enthusiastic and optimistic vibe that strongly colored the whole event.

The attitude is very well defined by one of the speakers, @handryGE, “There are lots of problems, but there are lots of opportunities. You can either be pessimistic or be optimistic.”
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