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Becoming humanity – a lesson from Abraham

VERILY, Abraham was a man who combined within himself all virtues, devoutly obeying God’s will, turning away from all that is false, and not being of those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God – QS16:120

The arabic words at the start of the verse were “ibraheema kana ommatan” – literally translated as Abraham was a nation. He is no longer a self or individual. He is humanity.
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This tiredness. What’s going on?

More and more, lately, wherever I go, I witness tiredness. Perhaps to some extent I bring it in me too, tiredness. What’s outside is simply a reflection of what’s inside. A question sprang into mind: “What’s going on?”

Last night I chatted with a friend. He reminded me how the world was changing. Something is going on. In the world. In me.

It seems that the world is moving faster. Its patterns have become more abstract and often deceptive. Too abstract to comprehend. And it has become more challenging to find our proper place and respond accordingly—and by accordingly I mean the best way our potentials allow us.

I once sat at a dining room. The room seemed more hectic than usual. I grabbed a friend (gently) and told her: “it feels chaotic. I don’t know how to respond.” She said: “Notice it. And make a conscious decision not to be part of it (the chaos). Keep listening.”

That episode turned out to be a glimpse of what is happening now. Only now the dining room has become the whole world.

Keep listening.  Let us sink to our own place in this world, where we can become the best of our potentials: (an expression of) Compassion to the universe.