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Ternyata saya masih berdagang dengan Tuhan

coins on scales

Sebagai seseorang yang merasa menapaki perjalanan spiritualnya atau gemar mempelajari topik-topik berkenaan dengan agama, spiritualisme, dan hidup (menurutku sih ini sinonim-ed), saya kadang berselisipan jalan dengan pernyataan “berniaga atau berdagang dengan Tuhan.”
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Volunteerism: You, Too, Must Contribute!

Volunteer teacher Neneng Sulastri conducts art lessons in a juvenile prison for males at Tangerang in Indonesia's Banten province

We’re so used to hearing (or saying) bad things about our country. The traffic, the corruption, the selfishness, the poverty, the criminality, the unjust justice system, the non-educating education. You name it. Chances are, we’ve said it.

We forget that there are still many good in this country. This ‘good’ makes me one of the most optimistic persons about Indonesia. I truly believe that we have so much potentials. We have so many good people around that will help make this happen.
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“Why is the sky blue?”

why is the sky blue“Why is the sky blue?” was the most brilliant question I have heard in the past week. We see the sky everyday. We see its color. We take it for granted. Although we don’t know why it is blue, our mind does not register that as something for us to find out. We don’t ask that simple question of “Why is it blue?”

Yes, I am afraid it is true for quite a number of us. We have become so engrossed in the so-called complexity of life, trying to make ends meet, that we are now less curious of trivial things. We don’t see things with curious eyes.
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What keeps you awake at night?

What keeps you awake at night? What is it that you cannot stop talking about? The question was posed for the second time yesterday by a friend. The first time I was asked that very same question was a month ago.

During the first time, my head went on an overdrive to find logical explanation–attempting to see where this question would lead. Big words kept buzzing between my two ears, intelligently saying how this would point to my real passion, what I live for, what my message is.

This led to another set of words or phrases: I love talking about being, listening, spirituality, God, being oneself, surrender, flowing, etc etc.

But yesterday, yesterday was different.
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