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Beshara SEA: Discovering Unity weekly course

An invitation to join Beshara SEA‘s first Discovering Unity weekly course.

The weekly course is a seven week course, consisting of 2 hour meeting each Sunday morning, with students having ongoing reading, practice and contemplation during the week. It is an introduction and basic foundation to the unitive perspective and its implications for our lives.

The premise of the course is the ultimate unity of all existence. The courses’ development reflects this unity as it reveals itself by degrees in our everyday experience, as light and love, knowledge and beauty. The courses are a journey of self-enquiry and discovery of the unified whole that is our human nature.

The course starts on April 13 in Jakarta.

Beshara SEA: Invitation to gathering, Sunday, Mar 16

Our task now is to share with others what we have received; and this task requires that our own education continues in constant progress. But it is time now to progress from simply receiving, to both giving and receiving. This is where the taste of oneness really begins to take hold, because who really is the giver and who really receives? He sent Himself with Himself, to Himself.

We need to move now in a movement of love. We need to share what we have been given with others who need to know. We need to make an effort as our expression of love,…. This is to ride the wave that is Beshara.
This is my intention and I hope it is your intention too!
– Hakim Young, Principal, Beshara School

Dear friends:

It’s been a while since we last gather.
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Beshara Southeast Asia’s activities in 2014

Please find below information on a series of gatherings and courses with Beshara Southeast Asia in 2014, which might be of interest to you. All activities are held in the Greater area of Jakarta, Indonesia.

A gathering for all Beshara students as well as those who are drawn to explore a particular theme chosen from the perspective of the unit of being. It is set in a relaxed conversational environment while still maintaining the depth of and proper respect to the conversation that is being held. Continue reading