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Be — A proclamation

“It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community, a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. And the practice can be carried out as a group, as a city, as a nation.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

I truly believe that this is emerging at this very moment and it shall continue to unfold. 

For this to happen, education is key. Not the formal education as we know it, but an education for human to be fully human – a blessing to the universe, a vicegerent of the All Compassionate. 

I bow to those who have boldly initiated these moves — who have started to form such communities, provide such education, and live an “alternative” way of living — one that is more compassionate and humane. Those who have shown us that not only this is possible, it is also most certainly desirable. I love you.

I dedicate my life for this vision to manifest. This much I know. As a dear friend once quoted, “our job is to be an awake people… utterly conscious, to attend to our world.”

God knows best and He guides the Way. May He make it easy for us.

Post script: I wanted to write more, but there are no words to add yet. I felt it is important for me to put this out there urgently. A stated intention. A proclamation. A dedication. An invitation. A green light to what is unfolding. I am saying yes to the Universe.

Responsibility — Response-ability

Anyone-can-Contributions-for-each-other-when-we-Are-Connected-Easy-BranchesHave you ever heard of “frequency holder”? It is a term coined by Eckhart Tolle to descibe an awake person or people who stay under the radar and live seemingly ordinary lives. An appealing way of living, I must say.

Some while ago I told a friend about it and said, “Perhaps that’s what I am destined to be. A frequency holder, staying under the radar, living a quiet life, and doing normal everyday chores.”

My friend sneared at the idea, “You wish. You are trained in communications. You can write. You have many friends. You’ve studied lots of stuff and traveled far. Go figure.”
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250 juta orang lainnya

Siapa pun presiden kita nanti, kondisi pasti berubah. Semoga yang terbaik untuk Indonesia.

Bagi saya, yang lebih menarik bukan tentang satu orang Indonesia itu, tetapi sisanya yang berjumlah lebih dari 250 juta ini — mereka/kita/Anda/saya: Apa yang akan kita lakukan untuk berperan dalam memajukan bangsa dan negara?

Pemilu berlaku bagi diri kita masing-masing. Saatnya menentukan pilihan. Kita memilih untuk berkontribusi seperti apa? Menjadi apa? Atau apakah bahkan dalam hal ini pun terpikir memilih menjadi golput?

Untuk Indonesia yang lebih baik.

“Pasti cina ya?”

Badan saya mengkeret setiap kali mendengar ungkapan itu. Terasa sakit di hati. Rasa serupa juga melanda ketika kata-kata di atas muncul sebagai ide judul tulisan beberapa hari lalu. Saya bukan orang yang konfrontatif. Tidak suka mencetuskan hal-hal yang kontroversial. Namun, kata-kata tersebut menetap di benak, berkeras untuk terekspresikan.

Baru-baru ini Indonesia diingatkan oleh peristiwa bulan Mei 1998. Di media sosial, ramai dengan tagar #menolaklupa. Mengingatkan kita akan suatu periode gelap saat rasa marah dan frustasi kolektif bangsa ditumpahkan kepada satu etnis tertentu. Layaknya pucuk gunung es di tengah laut, periode luapan marah yang singkat itu mencerminkan perjalanan yang jauh lebih panjang. Bara dalam sekam bangsa yang mungkin hingga kini pun belum padam sepenuhnya.
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Kembali ke akar: Menyoal ketahanan pangan

Beberapa waktu lalu saya menyaksikan tayangan video singkat tentang perkembangan dunia — tentang alam dan teknologi. Silih berganti pemandangan alam pegunungan, laut, hewan, tanaman, diselingi dengan berbagai perkembangan teknologi serta pembangunan yang dilakukan oleh manusia. Intervensi manusia dalam video itu mengusik saya.

Rasanya semua bergerak harmonis, kecuali apa yang dibangun oleh manusia. Gedung atau fasilitas yang dibangun terasa tidak pada tempatnya. Pesawat jet yang melintas terasa bising dan berpolusi. Terlintas di benak saya, betapa kita lupa bagaimana mengalir selaras dengan alam. Betapa kita terbuai hingga tak sadar betapa jauhnya kita telah menyimpang.

Hari ini saya kembali tersadarkan betapa kita telah bergeser dari kebijaksanaan yang ditawarkan oleh alam. Tadi siang, saya berbincang tentang ketahanan pangan.
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Next phase for Planet Earth and star seeds: purification

Judith Kusel

There is a wave of massive energy changes now truly coming in and it is in the form of changes of the inner earth as well changes within us.

In ancient times all was communicated through an intricate language of geometrical forms, shapes and sound. Indeed, their patterns in itself hold energy, for it is in the combination of all of this that cosmic energy from Source manifests in outward and inner forms.

After Atlantis our ability to read this language and our understanding of all of creation underwent a severe change, as the planet fell from the 5th (Atlantis) dimension into the 3rd, and to very primitive levels.

Pockets of highly trained Priests and Scientist, fled, just before the final fall of Atlantis to outer regions of the Atlantean civilization, e.g. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, etc. They then started a series of underground mystery schools, which in…

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Volunteerism: You, Too, Must Contribute!

Volunteer teacher Neneng Sulastri conducts art lessons in a juvenile prison for males at Tangerang in Indonesia's Banten province

We’re so used to hearing (or saying) bad things about our country. The traffic, the corruption, the selfishness, the poverty, the criminality, the unjust justice system, the non-educating education. You name it. Chances are, we’ve said it.

We forget that there are still many good in this country. This ‘good’ makes me one of the most optimistic persons about Indonesia. I truly believe that we have so much potentials. We have so many good people around that will help make this happen.
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“Quest” in “question”

I posed a question to friend yesterday: “There is ‘quest’ in ‘question’. Is there a link? What does it imply?”

I received an unexpected response from him:

“In the first novel and radio series of The HItchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, a group of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings demand to learn the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose. It takes Deep Thought 7½ million years to compute and check the answer, which turns out to be 42. Deep Thought points out that the answer seems meaningless because the beings who instructed it never actually knew what the Question was.

When asked to produce The Ultimate Question, Deep Thought says that it cannot; however, it can help to design an even more powerful computer that can. This new computer will incorporate living beings into the “computational matrix” and will run for ten million years. It is revealed as being the planet Earth, with its pan-dimensional creators assuming the form of mice to observe its running.”

I didn’t quite understand the response at first. Then he continued:

“Serious point, however – the answers are no use unless you understand the questions. So the quest is for the questions of true significance, those that open up realisation of the irreducible mystery of life. As Rilke says ‘Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.'”

I love it! Thank you.

First and foremost, we are One

A note from the Beshara SEA‘s monthly gathering earlier today.

There was a strong reminder of the core of our education in today’s gathering: “that there is only One, Unique, Absolute, Infinite Existence.”

If we, as much as possible, adopt this, if we hold on to this within our heart, in our everyday life, then “He shows you He is yourself, then bit by bit He shows you how He is all that there is.” Continue reading