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Book: for one more day

Mitch Albom’s for one more day.

*** spoiler warning ***

As usual, Mitch can write in a sensitive manner. A man meeting his late mom.

I am not sure whether it is the story line or the fact that I kept picturing myself in the character’s position and I kept picturing my late dad, or even my mom and the small taken-for-granted miracles she has done for her children.

I can feel what the character is going through. How there are so much we don’t know about what our parents have done to put meal on the table or put us through schools. How proud they are about all those so-called achievements in our life. How we let it all pass without noticing or saying thank you to them. And how we just run to them everytime we fall, no matter how old we are now.

I think it is more on the topic of the book that is so close to my heart, which has turned on my restrospect mode. From story telling point of view, I still like Tuesdays with Morrie better though.

I love you mom. I love you dad. And I am so sorry. So sorry.