Monthly Archives: May 2012

However much…

[Bahasa Indonesia]

I thought I have been neutral enough
I thought I have started to view things in a balanced way.

Now I know, however neutral I thought I was
I much prefer
Seeing you happy than you sad
Seeing you laugh than you cry
Seeing you whole than seemingly broken
Seeing you love than you hate
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Life can be simple(r)

[Bahasa Indonesia]

Words entice me. God must have known that. I am a sucker for witty statements. I love playing with words. I pay attention to what people (I) say, and to what they (I) don’t. I respond to situations through words. Or through lack of them.

I wrote these words as a response to recent incidents in my life: “Life can be simple(r).”

To my surprise, I received an instant reply: “@kukywa RT @MindBodyGreen: Byron Katie: Life Is Simple cc @evamuchtar ☺”

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