Everyday heroes

This page is a tribute to people from all walks of life who dedicate (some of) their time to help others and to the betterment of society. The list is still scarce, but I am working on it.

They have started doing something. Hope you are next on the line.

Coin A Chance! – @coinachance

coinbanner125x1251Started in Jakarta, Coin A Chance! is a social movement originated by two friends Hanny and Nia. It invites all friends and foe to collect their coins and ‘exchange’ it with opportunities for needy children to go to school.

You can learn more about them by visiting their website in coinachance.com.

Rainbow Reading Garden – @pelangibook

TB Pelangi logoThe Rainbow Reading Garden (or in Indonesian: Taman Bacaan Pelangi) is a foundation set up in 2009 whose main activities is simply establishing children’s libraries in remote areas of eastern Indonesia. Simple to us, but so valuable to those children who have limited access to books. To them, books are really windows to the world.

Initiated by Nila Tanzil, it has grown from one library to 26 libraries in 10 islands in east Indonesia. The foundation has bigger dreams to create centers of creativity in the region to further introduce the children to the world, and the world to the children of east Indonesia.

Checkout their website in tamanbacaanpelangi.com if you are interested.

Akademi Berbagi – @akademiberbagi

One of my favorite online movements! Akademi Berbagi (sharing academy) provides free short classes for anyone who is interested to learn and share. The teachers are not paid. The students do not need to pay. The venues are free. If you have some knowledge or know-how to share, you tell @akademiberbagi, then they will announce it on twitter. People who are interested can register also through twitter. The rest is history. As simple as that. The movement is now at 20+ Indonesian cities already, and spreading! For more info, please go to Akademi Berbagi’s website.

Bali Usada Health Meditation – @baliusada

I must confess. This is my main school of meditation. But I will say from the depth of my heart, it is amazing. The school teaches health meditation. The focus is on our body and development of harmonious mind. The technique is sensible, simple, kind and effective. And you have to meet the founder, Mr. Merta Ada. Then you’ll know why I talk the way I am. The simple meditation techniques have helped so many people heal themselves, both physically and emotionally. That counts as heroic in my book. More information, please go to Bali Usada Website.

Daya Dimensi’s Employee Program

An Indonesian human resources consultancy Daya Dimensi Indonesia offers five million per month for a group of employees—each month different group—to conduct any social activities of their choice. Some groups take orphans for a fun day out, some help improve local children libraries, etc. Simple initiatives, real impacts—for those who are helped, and for the employees as well. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Gantina’s edu program

A dear friend of mine,  Gantina, organizes a group of friend to help ensure needy children around her neighborhood enjoy their education. Unfortunately, the only online info about her program is here. Let me know if you want to know more of it.

Yayasan Alang-Alang

🙂 I have just realized how I love education programs. Here’s another one from a friend, Melati. She has formed a foundation Yayasan Alang-Alang to set up places where children can learn and play, and read in a simple library. The education may take place in a dedicated center, somebody’s house, mosque, etc. I have written about her here, here and here.

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