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Out of kindness

We were at a friend’s funeral. I came with you. We were sitting and you were explaining to me the funeral plan.

Suddenly our friend’s brother approached us and sat next to you. He explained to you exactly what you have explained to me: the funeral plan.

You already knew, but you remained quiet and nodded to everything he said, out of courtesy and kindness. It came so naturally for you. I bet you would not even have thought about saying “Yes, I know.”

A wonderful sight. A beautiful lesson-learned. Thank you.


A young girl was told that she must not practice cheerleading anymore, for it may worsen her back pain. Cheerleading was the love of her life. The news broke your heart.

It got me thinking, what if I were told not to do things that I love?

What if I were told not to write, for it may render my fingers crippled?
What if I were told not to practice my religion, for it may mess up my brain?
What if I were told not to work, for whatever reason that I can’t think of at the moment?

What if I were told not to love you, for it might break my heart?

I understand how it feels now. I shall take my chances.

Happy Valentine’s, me!

"Imagine yourself as a little kid. Wouldn't you just want to pick that kid up and hug it and love it and tell it how incredible it is? Well that kid is you, so do it now, it's not too late!" - Elizabeth Peru

“Imagine yourself as a little kid. Wouldn’t you just want to pick that kid up and hug it and love it and tell it how incredible it is? Well that kid is you, so do it now, it’s not too late!” – Elizabeth Peru

I know, not all of us celebrate Valentine’s Day. I, for one, actually, do not. Having said that, any reminder of love or loving is a good reminder. So, today, let me express my love to someone who is so important in my life and is often forgotten: Me.
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The words for me are: Love. Freedom. Humour.

And recently, I was informed: “Guts!”

What a collection of words for guidance. Just to utter those words make me feel happy and more alive. I can feel it cutting through my bones and creating strong resonance.

Alright then, Life, let’s have some fun!

The Knowledge of the feet

20140207-130406.jpgHave you ever looked back in life and been in awe of how you’ve gotten to where you are? Isn’t it amazing how life turns out to be how it is? We wonder how we can meet so and so, arrive at certain places, and end up doing such and such.

We call it by numerous names: Luck, intuition, gifts, chances, blessings, serendipities, coincidences, etc. But I’d like to think that life is what it is meant to be. There is something that has purposefully led us to be where we are.

Recently, I was told, it is our feet.
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craniosacral_therapy2The word shun through my being during a conversation with a friend. We have never really sat down and chatted together before. At first, I didn’t know what encouraged me to contact her and offer to meet up. Especially in this internal state that I am in at the moment.

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