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Pertanyaan ulang tahun: Windy

Pada ulang tahun saya beberapa waktu lalu, saya meminta tiga orang teman mengajukan tiga pertanyaan. Pertanyaan dibebaskan apa saja yang muncul dalam benak mereka. Tiga teman yang kebetulan semua berkecimpung di @writingtable, yaitu Hanny, Nia, dan Windy (berdasarkan urutan abjad).

Ada pertanyaan yang diajukan dalam Bahasa Inggris, ada yang dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Akan saya tanggapi sesuai bahasa pertanyaan. Semoga nantinya diberi waktu untuk menuliskan terjemahannya.

Pertanyaan Windy saya tanggapi dalam postingan ini. Pertanyaan Nia sudah saya tanggapi terlebih dahulu. Sementara pertanyaan Hanny masih berproses.

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“Honesty.” The word was offered by a friend as a topic for a blog post. I sat with it almost the whole day today. What I realised is that I know very little of what it means. What kept coming up were two words: Truth, and Heart.

How interesting.

To many, myself included, being honest means to not lie. To say what we think — never mind the consequences, or whether it is hurting those around us or even ourselves.

But is that what honesty really means? Or is there more to it than just saying bluntly what’s on top of our mind, or gut? Is what we feel really what we feel or is it only what we think we feel? If it is not, are we then still expressing honesty? Is there any difference between blurting out our pain body and honesty? Are you with me on this?
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“Love and relationship”

image1What a sexy topic – proposed by a friend when I asked for ideas on what to write. Lots of things came to mind upon hearing this topic. One stood out this morning as I put the intention to write this post: my talks during the first six month course in Beshara, which dealt with that very topic of Love.

First, a prelude. How wonderful it is for us to fall in love. To love and be loved – a natural inclination in any being. The emotion is so intense. A natural happy potion that intoxicates every single cell in the body, and mind.

That old song from the Foreigner “I want to know what love is, I want you to show me” has finally found its response. Someone is showing us. Sometimes, they are showing us, however, that this ain’t it. March on.
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First and foremost, we are One

A note from the Beshara SEA‘s monthly gathering earlier today.

There was a strong reminder of the core of our education in today’s gathering: “that there is only One, Unique, Absolute, Infinite Existence.”

If we, as much as possible, adopt this, if we hold on to this within our heart, in our everyday life, then “He shows you He is yourself, then bit by bit He shows you how He is all that there is.” Continue reading

To the question: Where would you like your life to take you?

To Him.
To happiness.
To Love.
To fully realising the true Me.
To be wherever He wants me to be. To witness what He wants me to witness. In awe and gratitude.
To be a rahmatan-lil-alamin (blessings to the world).

And when I am that—when I am already with Him, I am happy, I love and am loved, and when I am becoming me—as I believe I am, I simply want more. Until that “I” is no more. Continue reading