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Will you be just as okay?

I have heard it before on one of Adyashanti’s talks a long time ago. A member of the audience spoke of her partner—how she loved him and how she was confident of his potentials. Adya’s question was simple: will you still love him ten years from now if he does not change? If he does not lift off to the so-called potentials? She went silent. That was enough of a response.

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P1020779 - Version 3A friend posed a question yesterday: “What would you like your legacy to be?” I have never really cared much about my legacy. Perhaps it is my relationship with the word. Legacy sounds a bit lofty to me.

Yesterday, however, felt different. My friend’s question made me pause and ponder. What would I like my legacy to be? What am I about? What would I want to bring to this table called life? What am I offering?

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