Monthly Archives: December 2014

I love it when …

True companionship, apparently is not too good to be true. We are the proof. Two people can be together without being needy. I do not need you, and you do not need me, to be happy.

Yet, we love being with each other, as we do with nobody else. We choose to be with each other because we want to. Because it cannot be any other way.
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I am saying goodbye

I am saying goodbye to the you in my mind. The you that I have shaped in the forms of subjective memories and impressions. The you that I have been secretly holding so close to myseld. I am letting go of the boundaries that I have put around you and around us. For I sense the vast praire which you and I can roam about, far beyond those boundaries.
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Words (1)

River of words flood through the mind, through the sense of sight and hearing. Yet they feel different these recent days. As beautiful as they are, they seem partial, complicated, and potentially misleading. What is not expressed verbally feels more real than what is being spoken.
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Sssh, we want to read …

cropped-img_3610.jpgImagine walking into a simple porch in a small village in an island in eastern Indonesia, and seeing 60-70 children sitting and quietly reading their storybooks. Drowned in an imaginary world beyond what they had ever seen.

No one was running about. A few whispered quietly to one another. One or two read the books for the smaller children beside them. As they finished one book, they swiftly went to the bookshelf to get another. Then, again, they quietly sat and read.
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